General vehicle rental conditions

• Reservations should be least 24 hours in advance.

• The daily rate applies for a maximum of 24 hours of vehicle rental.

• The minimum age for clients and drivers is 25 years old.

• The maximum age for clients and drivers is 70 years

• The credit card must be in the customer's name.

• ALI coverage is mandatory in Avis Nicaragua

To rent the vehicle you need:

• Identification Document (Identity card or passport in the case of foreigners)

• Driver’s license

• A credit or debit card when renting the vehicle for deposit. 

Guarantee deposit and cancellation:

• For the vehicle rental, a credit card deposit is required, which ranges between US $ 500 and US $ 1,500 or more depending on the vehicle category and the duration of the rental.

• For deposit with debit card, a minimum amount of U $ 600 - U $ 1,500 or more is required depending on the vehicle category and the duration of the rental, additionally the client must prepay the rent. (Restrictions apply in rentals with debit cards, according to vehicle models).

• To pay for your rental you can use a credit, debit or cash card.

• Avis Nicaragua does not allow the initial deposit with Discover cards, only for rent invoice cancellations.


• The vehicle is delivered full of fuel and must be returned in the same conditions.

Policies and Procedures for Additional Drivers:

• The additional driver must be over 25 years old or equal to 70 years old.

• Valid driver’s license.

• Have the appropriate license category for the type of vehicle model you will drive.

• No automobile and/or traffic offenses (fines).

• All required documents will be scanned and / or photocopied by Avis Nicaragua.

• All drivers must be present when picking up the vehicle. They must present their necessary documents to be added (meet all additional driver requirements).

• The additional driver's notice must be filled out and signed, which will be delivered to the counter at the time of signing the rental agreement. And it must be signed and authorized by the client responsible for the rental agreement.

• In the event that the additional driver is not present at the time of signing of rental agreement and they wish to add him later, they must present themselves: the client, the additional driver and the rental vehicle at the nearest branch and sign the required documentation (Meet all the requirements of additional drivers).

• The additional driver has no cost in the case of: Renter's spouse, When the customer cannot drive or does not have a license for such.

• The additional driver (s) has a cost of US $ 5.00 per day (US $ 10 per day in case of rentals outside the country), when they do not comply with the following: Spouse of the tenant, When the owner does not can drive or do not have a license to do so

• The maximum number of additional drivers will be 4.

• The maximum amount to pay for each additional driver will be US $ 100 per month per rental contract.

• We reserve the right to accept or not the additional driver.

• The additional driver may not modify the original rental contract, in any of its terms.